1. Documents issued in the Philippines for use in Vietnam must go through the following procedures in consecutive order:

    1. The document must be authenticated by the issuing agency (please refer to id=2506 for details).
    2. The document must be authenticated by the Department of Foreign affairs (DFA) in Manila.
    3. After DFA authentication, the document may either be authenticated in Manila by the Vietnamese Embassy or in Vietnam by the Philippine Embassy in Hanoi or by the Philippine Honorary Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City.
  2. Documents issued in Vietnam for use in the Philippines must go through the following procedures:

    1. Acknowledgement – The Embassy/Consulate acknowledges a document that is signed by an individual; in the presence of the consular officer, with the individual declaring it to be his/her true and voluntary act and deed. The person must present his/her passport and a temporary residence card or any other acceptable identification card that contains his/her photograph and signature. The person must sign the original and duplicate copy of the document/s in the presence of the consular officer.
    2. Or
    3. Authentication – Individual or corporate entitles may not be able to execute legal documents in the presence of the Embassy’s consular officer. Such documents then require authentication. Following are the requirements before the Embassy could authenticate a document executed in Vietnam:
      1. It has to be translated into English by the Notary Public of the Government of Vietnam;
      2. It should be notarized by a Notary Public; and
      3. It should be certified/authenticated by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOF) of Vietnam.
  3. Those who want to swear an oath to attest the truth of certain statements, like those contained in an affidavit, must appear in person and sign said affidavit in front of the Embassy’s consular officer. (Note: Honorary Consular Officers are not authorized to notarize affidavits, unless they are practicing notaries public in their areas of jurisdiction).